h2hacks Save the World is a civic hackathon on September 14, 2019 based in New York, that mobilizes students across the east coast to use technology to solve real-world problems pertaining to environmental conservation, education/awareness, and sustainability!

Founded by Ryan Lee, we hope to empower students at this event and start them on a pathway to creating a social impact in the future! Create innovative projects, learn at workshops, and make a difference! 


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Workshops & Activities:

11:00 AM - Predicting Sea Levels with Machine Learning (Facebook Developer Circle)

12:30 PM - Building Data-Driven Web Apps without Code (Bubble.io)

2:00 PM - Accelerating your Tech Career (Make School)

4:00 PM - Panel: Renewable Energy and Emerging Technologies (Jay Solly, Founder of Sustainable United Neighborhoods, and Ben May, Founder of ThinkOcean Society) 

5:30 PM - Sustainability Kahoot Activity

Sponsors and Partners:


Additional Info:

Sponsors and partners that will table at the event are Make School, Bluestamp Engineering, Crimson Education, Facebook Developer Circle, Bubble.io, Sustainable United Neighborhoods, and ThinkOcean Global. You can interact with them and receive some limited-availability merchandise during check-in.

Additionally, a $1000 USD grant sponsored by the Sustainable United Neighborhoods and other partners will be distributed to the four winning teams to help them develop their project further.

These winning teams are also invited to present their projects on stage at the Our Future Festival NYC event next Saturday, where h2hacks will be tabling and presenting (H2Hacks Presents Youth-driven Technology Solutions). 

Hackathon Sponsors


$6,300 in prizes

Best Environmental Conservation Hack

Presented to the best team that integrates technology with protecting the environment.

Prizes: 4x Captogloves (Virtual Reality & Smart Gloves), 4x Wolfram Awards & Software Bundles, 4x Shore Buddies Swag Bags (Plush, Pin, Book), and 1x EarthEcho Water Quality Kit.

Best Education/Awareness Hack

Presented to the best team that creates a project to educate or spread awareness of environmental issues.

Prizes - Make School One-on-one Mentorship and 4x Swag Bags, 4x iRobot Create 2 Programmable Robots, 4x Sketch Licenses, 4x Art of Problem Solving $100 Credit, and 4x Premium ThinkBoards.

Best Sustainability Hack

Presented to the best team that creates a project on themes related to sustainability (urban agriculture, clean energy, etc).

Prizes: 2x Pulsefire FPS Pro RGB Gaming Mice, 2x Alloy FPS RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboards, 2x Cloud Stinger Wireless PC Gaming Headsets, and 4x $50 Steam Gift Cards.

Best Beginner Hack

Presented to the best team that is comprised of 50% or more of first-time hackers. Can be entered in addition to an above award.

Prizes: 4x 3Doodler Create Licensed Star Trek 3D Printing Pen Sets, 4x $300 Magoosh Credit, 4x Bubble Production Plans, and 4x LearnToMod License Keys.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


1. You must be an enrolled student at the time of the event to participate. If you are older and would like to mentor, you can contact us at team@h2hacks.com!

2. You must create a project relating to the themes of environmental conservation, education/awareness, or sustainability. Prizes will be awarded based on the category you enter your project in.

3) You may request travel reimbursement based on your location. Please show your receipts during check-in.

4) Due to venue space limitations, we can only accept a limited number of participants. After applications on our website close, we will send out acceptance and RSVP letters via email. 


Ben May

Ben May
Founder and President - ThinkOcean Society

Precious Listana

Precious Listana
Executive Assistant/Special Projects - Make School

Jessie Contour

Jessie Contour
NYC Director - BlueStamp Engineering

Omar Duran

Omar Duran
Founder - Life3

Olya Kushnir

Olya Kushnir
Project Manager - Rialto Markets

Jay Solly

Jay Solly
Co-Founder - Sustainable United Neigborhoods

Eternal Love

Eternal Love
Music Producer & Founder - Pure Heat Entertainment

Millie Verastegui Hester

Millie Verastegui Hester
Founder & Creative Director - Mooneye

Yemi Amu

Yemi Amu
Co-Founder - Oko Farms

Joe Zamarelli

Joe Zamarelli
Academic Advisor - Crimson Education

Olalékan Abou Bakar

Olalékan Abou Bakar
Principal Data Scientist & NY Facebook Developer Circle Lead

R. Miles McCain

R. Miles McCain
Developer - Politiwatch

Alex Bolanos

Alex Bolanos
Growth - Bubble

Austin Feight

Austin Feight
Engineering Manager, iOS - JOOR

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
  • Social Impact
  • Technical Difficulty
  • Polish

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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